Monday, July 25, 2005

A tadpole's life must be dreadfully dull.

The water is no longer the least bit stinky. Smells faintly "fishy" but not stinky. But it is also not cloudy or brown or green, like the GAF handbook says it should be. I put a few algae-covered pebbles from my fishtank into the tadpole jar and am giving them a little more sunlight (*not* direct sunlight!) to see if I can get some algae growing in there for them to filter out of the water. I figure if people feed their tadpoles spinach, algae must be really good for them. They seem to really enjoy playing in the sunlight, then hiding behind the brown paper, and back and forth like a fun game. A tadpole's life must be dreadfully dull. I also added some ground up floating reptile food stick to their GAF tadpole powder. But it really seems to me that the GAF food is made of ground up reptile food sticks mixed with a little sand or something to bulk it up.
They still have no signs of arms, and just bumps on the sides of their mouths where their whiskers should be, but their legs appear to be getting larger.

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