Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Spotty still hasn't croaked

Spotty, the dwarf African frog, is still alive. Barely. We had decided to bury him in the garden with our flowers. He had been laying on his back in the same corner of the fish tank, not moving, all day long. But when I reached in to get him out of there, he kicked. Feebly, nothing like a healthy frog would kick, but he's not dead yet. I brought him to the surface for some air and gently put him on top of the decorative plant where he always liked to rest and where maybe it would be easier for him to come to the top for air. He has moved his legs a little bit, but other than that is exactly where I left him last night. DD is sad, but has not shed any tears for her little frog. She has seen many fish die and knows all about the cycle of life. I also told her back when we got the frog that we didn't know if he'd live very long (you just never know with petstore animals how healthy they are, how well they've been taken care of, or how old they are when you get them). *sigh* poor Spotty.... we did everything we could to make his life a little better. Maybe he hurt himself eating too many guppy babies. He sure did like snapping them up, but always left a few behind to keep the fish population steady. But I really think he's just old. He looks old. He looks like he hurts all over when he moves (well, when he was still moving the other day anyway). He eats less and less and has been getting skinnier and skinnier for a while now.

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