Sunday, July 31, 2005

lookit them legs!

It sure is hard to get decent photos of tadpoles swimming around inside a gallon sized glass pickle jar! It makes it that much harder that they absolutely hate the camera's red auto-focus light and try to get away from it as soon as they see me with the camera in my hands! These little guys are a lot smarter than I ever would have imagined.
They now have visible spots and markings on their faces, but you have to look really really closely to see them. It looks somewhat like freckles across their noses. The tad with the smallest legs is no longer larger than the other two.

I'm running into much resistance with the names I keep coming up with. Nobody likes my choices. I did tell DD that she could pick their names, but I can't stand it that they don't have any names yet. So I thought Marilyn, Bobby, and Jack would be good names. No dice. What about Jimi, Janis, and Elvis? Nope. Winken, Blinken, and Nod? Hippy, Happy, and Hoppy? Flip-Flop, Plip-Plop, Hip-Hop? *sigh*


UnschoolnMa said...

Ohhh I adore frogs! How very cool that you are raising some up. We've thought about it too. Have fun :)

Jen-Jen said...

So cool! What about jumpy, stumpy, and lumpy? Or some gender-neutral names like lynn, sam(antha/uel), and jo(sephine/eph)?