Sunday, July 24, 2005

stinky water!

peeeyoooo! Tads' water started smelling foul yesterday, very much like a compost pile that has not been turned often enough. So I made an uneducated decision to aerate their water by gently scooping up a ladle-full of water and slowly pouring it back in a few times, twice a day. I removed the plastic dome that came with the GAF box (I'll just have to be extra vigilant that no little fingers or foreign objects get into the jar), gave them some more bottled spring water and also dribbled some water out of the "bio-wheel" from my fishtank into their jar, to get some of the good bacteria growing a little faster.

I wonder if those weird dots on their backs, right behind their heads are arm buds? I have no idea where the arms will sprout, this is getting exciting! I am also shopping around to figure out what sort of permanent home they will live in once they are froggies. I believe I'm going to go with a 29 or 30 gallon glass aquarium and glass top, with the biggest, baddest Penguin Bio-Wheel filter they sell (I think it's intended for 50-70 gallon tanks, but I've read that you need to overfilter). It's much more affordable than the Whisper filter, and I have no complaints about the little one in my fishtank. Plus, they've redesigned it, and it looks like it would be more secure and help prevent escapes. I was wanting to do a natural look, but I think I'll have to go the cheap route and use terra cotta flower pots for hidey holes at least at first, with as many soft fake plants (I read that hard plastic can tear the webbing between their toes, ouch!) as I can put in there and still be able to see my froggies.

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