Friday, July 29, 2005

here are some photos of what they look like today. The largest tadpole still has the smallest legs. The other two now have much more froggy-looking legs, and they are constantly kicking with them. Maybe if you look real close you can see the bumps where their arms will be! In the second photo, you can see the larger tadpole hoovering the floor of their jar. Filter feeders they may be, but they do suck up food particles that have fallen to the bottom.
I still have yet to find a turkey baster to clean their jar with. Wrong time of year, I suppose.


Rachael said...

What a great blog!!
I can't wait to see what they all will look like once they've grown! :D

Tonja said...

that is a great shot!

Lorna said...

Love the blog! Looking forward to hearing more about them as they grow. Enjoy your newest kids.