Friday, July 22, 2005

A new home for the tadpoles!

I couldn't stand the idea of those little tadpoles swimming around in that #3 (PVC) plastic box. I know that kind of plastic leaches dioxin, and I also know amphibians are particularly sensitive to such toxins. But mostly they didn't seem so happy in there, kept bumping their heads in the corners. The little palm tree looked like it could poke a hole right through the little guys' bodies if they happened to swim too close to it, and I decided to remove it as well. Our tadpoles appear to be much happier in a glass one-gallon pickle jar. Oddly enough, the one-gallon pickle jar holds at least 1/4 again as much water as the "one-gallon" plastic box that came with the tadpoles. I poured in a nice layer of the habitat sand I bought from GAF when I ordered the TadVentures Kit. The water "bloomed" as soon as I poured it into the jar, it must have just needed a little agitation to get things going. (It means the water got cloudy as the good bacteria started to grow.) I used a plastic punch ladle to gently transport the tadpoles themselves, with as much water as the ladle would hold. All three have been more active, (lazy tad no longer spends most of its time resting on the bottom) and overall they just seem to be doing much better. I taped a piece of brown paper to the side of the jar, so they could have some privacy and hide if they wish.

They have learned to be afraid of the camera, so it is already getting harder to take photos. I'll have to stop until there's something new to show. They don't like the red light the camera uses to auto-focus, and now they run away as soon as they see the camera, before I even try to take a photo!
Oh, and with some further research, I now realize that my plans to house them in a 10 gallon aquarium will not be adequate. To be fair, some websites say it is, some don't. I think it makes sense that too small a tank will stress them and shorten their lives so I'm going to err on the side of caution instead of possibly having to buy another larger tank when they outgrow the first one.


Anonymous said...

please tell me where you got the stuff you put in the water and where can i find tadpole food?

derb phicil said...

hello how are you? i was wondering if you can e-mail me as much info as you can about tad poles or any one who sees this comment. please and thank you.

Anonymous said...

see the links at the top, right hand side of this blog for more information about frogs and tadpoles.