Friday, August 05, 2005


Buggy Eyes' tail is now shorter than his/her hind legs, and is acting like a frog now instead of a tadpole. DD has named the other two Spotty and Zeyonda (I have no idea where that name came from). She said we can wait until they are bigger before deciding which one is Zeyonda to make sure it's a female that gets the name. :) Both girls are now very excited about the froggies, and have been checking on them all day long. I have decided where the tank should go, but am waiting for DH to paint the walls first, because it won't be possible after there are 40 gallons of water and rocks in the way. Plus, I don't want the paint fumes (even though we are using low-fume latex indoor wall paint) to hurt my froggies, either. I hope I like yellow walls in here, because it will be another ten years before I can get him to paint again!

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