Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Here they are!

We have no problem differentiating between our three frogs. I was afraid we might. My daughter has stood firm in her choice of names, and the three frogs have kept the same names they were given when they first morphed from tadpoles into frogs.

From left to right, this is a photo of Spotty, Zeyonda, and Buggy-Eyes. I think they are all three females, but I know it might be too soon to tell. It looks as though they all have a cloacal flap, but maybe they are just always pooping! LOL

Buggy-Eyes has always had the best appetite, was the first to transform, and is now at least half again larger than the other two.

Spotty is indeed the spottiest, even though we didn't know that when she first morphed from tadpole to frog. She is also the shyest and spends her time hiding unless she's eating.

Zeyonda was the last to transform, and has the darkest markings, looking nearly black at times. Image hosted by
They all three do change color from time to time and depending on where they are resting. They look greener when they are hiding in the plants. They all looked a pale yellowish-tan color when they were living in the pickle jar which had beige and yellow sand in the bottom of it.

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