Wednesday, March 21, 2007

long time no update

All five froggies are very healthy and happy. They are much bigger and fatter than in the most recent photos, and I promise to post new ones soon. I sometimes hear one or two of them quietly singing, especially after I clean their tank or add fresh water. I try to keep the pebbles arranged just so, with just glass in the middle of the tank to make it easier for them to find their food, but the frogs always redecorate how they want their home to be. I water my houseplants with their tank water, which is very good for the plants, and for the frogs as well. I am still using a turkey baster to suck up the goop off the bottom, but it's calming sort of work and I enjoy it for the most part. I only do that about once a month or so anyway. They aren't so shy as they used to be, except Leopardy still stays hidden most of the time. The others will come out and swim around sometimes. As soon as I turn off their filter, they know it's feeding time, and go beserk! I only feed them about twice a week, and they are still getting rather fat. I have this problem with captive animals that are obese. I know they don't have much fun besides eating, but that's no reason to shorten their life span or to create poor health in an animal, in particular a cold-blooded critter that has a much lower caloric requirement.

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