Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sorry it's been so long, not much new to tell. The froggies are getting bigger and eating much more but less often. And pooping much more. But froggie poop is very very good for plants, so now they have a job as fertilizer producers for my houseplants!
Here they are last night at feeding time:

The biggest one, on the left, in the back, is Buggy Eyes. I can always tell him because he's still a good bit bigger and fatter than the rest. He's always the first to eat, too (imagine that). But mostly it's impossible for me to differentiate between the frogs anymore. You can tell that Spotless is the lightest one, and Leopardy is the darkest one, but the other two is anyone's guess which is which. All five frogs are apparently males. I suppose that's a good thing, as we don't need any babies! My children have decided that since the guppy tank is becoming overpopulated, we just might have to feed some of them to the frogs.


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The Bamboo Stick said...

Thanks for keeping this blog! I have a question. My frogs are about 5 months old, and I've just run out of the Stage 2 food. I just bought the Floating sticks and have added 3 of them today. They are not eating them at all. I think they are used to eating food from the plate at the bottom, but these are floating. Did you have this problem? Any advice?


staflsfroggies said...

My frogs will not eat floating food. I'd suggest you soak it to make it sink or get some sinking food pellets instead.