Friday, December 16, 2005

chirp chirp chirp

I hear singing! It appeared to be coming from Spotless, as he was the only one not hiding and as soon as he saw me walk past the tank, the chirping stopped and he ran away to hide. All of the frogs are still a little skittish, but seem to be getting more used to my presence. They know when I turn off the filter and make a tapping sound that it's time to eat. I have started feeding them twice a day again, but much much less at a time. I am cleaning the tank whenever I think of it, and doing a partial water change once a week. I can't imagine how messy the tank will get when they are big frogs!

I do have some recent photos to share:

Zeyonda (top) and Spotty. You can't really tell in this photo, but Zeyonda has really grown to be a bit larger than Spotty now.

Spotless in the food dish (never mind that brown algae - yuck!)

Leopardy peeking out (he is still the most shy of all five froglets)

And two photos of Buggy-Eyes, just because she is a camera hound :)
first with a very full belly (see the lump?)

and her typical standing pose in the plants


Jen-Jen said...

How cute they are! And what awesome pictures you took! I didn't realize how big they would grow, they look huge. How big do they get?
Oh, here's my blog:

staflsfroggies said...

they aren't even half-grown yet! That is why I got the 40 gallon aquarium!! :-)